Spring 2020: Tests Become Testimonies

June 21, 2020

On New Year’s Day, we told each other that 2020 would be an innovative, challenging year for Storto Productions, and boy were we right!

COVID-19 has made this year unforgettable and is confronting our country in unprecedented ways. These uncharted waters have tested us all with “new norms”. We never had all our upcoming events cancel for same reason, never worn face masks while shopping and practicing social distancing, and worst of all, never been separated for so long from family and friends. The upside is that this time has allowed us to grow as a couple and has caused us to really appreciate and evaluate what’s important.

After completing our friend, Kiki’s, testimony, we couldn’t wait to create and film upcoming projects planned for this year. However, with social distancing and cancellation of all big events, these opportunities have been put on hold.

With extra free time on our hands and staying at home, it has brought more creativity into our lives, along with times of reflection, meditation, and lots of house cleaning too! There were moments when we feared what lies ahead and sad for opportunities lost. During these uncertain times, we all can find ourselves asking “now what”?

In Kiki’s video, she shared how her chronic illness put her in a similar season of life. These are her words expressed in her testimony … “the only way to get where you want to go is to keep moving forward, so that’s what I did”. She trusted God was unfolding big opportunities in her life. The more she put herself out there, the stronger and healthier she became, both mentally and physically. Today, she has overcome POTS and Lyme disease and is thriving on social media as an awareness advocate for Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses.

After looking back at her video, we’ve reflected on how far we’ve come with Storto Productions. Just as Kiki kept moving forward, we’re also moving forward despite challenges on the horizon during this COVID time. This is a season of perseverance, innovation, and renewal. We all need to keep moving forward one day at a time, and these challenges and tests will become our testimonies.

Stay healthy, safe, and grateful,

Stephen & Sydney